Tyres & punctures

Tubeless tyres and punctures

Puncture repair (£7-10)

Removal of tyre, repair inner tube and refit tyre. 

Tubeless puncture repair (£15)

Repair hole in tubeless tyre.

Includes sealant. It is not always possible to repair large holes or splits in tubeless tyres.

Tyre / inner tube replacement (£7)

Removal of old tyre and replace, re-use existing inner tube if possible otherwise inner tube will be replaced. Excludes tyre and, if needed, new inner tube

Tyre replacement - tubeless (£15)

Fit new tubeless tyre (excludes tubeless sealant, tyre and, if needed, additional rim tape)

Tubeless tyre conversion (£17.50)

Convert rim to accept tubeless tyres, fit new tyre (excludes tubeless conversion kit, sealant and tyre)

Most rims, providing the flanges  are in good condition (they honestly are called flanges) can be converted to accept tubeless tyres. 

Solid tyres / tubular tyres

Please ask for details.