Basic service £25

Interim Service £45

Interim Service £45

Basic bike service package

Full safety inspection and adjustments to mechanical brakes & gears. 

All moving parts checked with handlebars, levers, cables, headset, seat, pedals and accessories visually inspected and correctly secured. 

Tyres will be checked and inflated to the correct pressure. 

Hydraulic brakes are inspected & tested.

 No new parts will be fitted. 

Interim Service £45

Interim Service £45

Interim Service £45

Interim bike service package

Includes BASIC service and more complex adjustments to resolve any brake and gear faults,  and where necessary will include the replacement of brake pads and brake / gear cables (externally routed)

Includes inspection and adjustment of hubs. 

Drive-train (chain, chain-rings, cassette and gear mechs) will be inspected and disk brake calipers re-aligned with rotors.

Full service £65

Ultimate service £120

Ultimate service £120

Full bike service package

Includes INTERIM service along with a full  strip down, clean and inspection of hubs, headset and bottom bracket; bearings will cleaned and refitted or replaced as required. 

Service of mechanical & hydraulic brakes, bleeding or replacement of hydraulic brake fluid as required, brake calipers will be cleaned and re-aligned with rotors and brake pads replaced as required, with inspection of pistons to identify any leaks. 

Wheels rims and spokes inspected and wheels trued as required (please note it is not always possible to completely true damaged wheel) 

Puncture repair and tyres/inner tubes will be replaced as required (excludes tubular and solid tyres, small surcharge for tubeless tyres)

Ultimate service £120

Ultimate service £120

Ultimate service £120

Ultimate bike service package


Includes a complete full service and additionally:

Full strip down - your bike will be stripped down and frame, wheels and all components inspected, cleaned and then expertly re-fitted.

Free-hub service - inspection and, if needed, replacement of free-hub bearings, pawls and springs. Includes installation of a complete new free-hub if required.
Cassette replacement.

Chain-ring(s) replacement.

Crank replacement.

Chain replacement.

Internally routed cable/housing replacements*

Pedals serviced - pedal axle and bearings will be examined, cleaned and regreased. Pedal springs will be examined, cleaned and regreased. 

Seat post & seat service - seat post will be examined for visible signs  of fatigue, cleaned and reinstalled, with appropriate anti-seize/friction paste. Seat post QR or clamp will be cleaned and regreased. Seat will be examined but not removed from clamp. 

Frame polish -  gloss frames will be polished with water repelling lacquered polish, matt finish frames with isoproply alcohol.

* Please note electronic shifting wiring, connectors & batteries, bar-tape, under bar-tape cable housings, internally routed bar & stem cable housings and levers/shifters will not be  removed. Bars will not be removed from the stem although the stem bolts will be inspected. Internally routed hydraulic hose will not be removed, although internally routed gear and brake cables will be removed and ,if needed, replaced. 

Please advise me if you have had a bike fit.

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