at route 6 cycle services

Basic e-Bike service £25


Standard Basic service with additional e-Bike activities at no extra cost.


Full safety inspection and adjustments to mechanical brakes & gears. 

All moving parts checked with handlebars, levers, cables, headset, seat, pedals and accessories visually inspected and correctly secured. 

Tyres checked and inflated to the correct pressure. Hydraulic brakes are inspected & tested. 

Specific to e-Bikes : motorised hub or motor visually inspected, fastening of control computer and any walk-assist twist/lever throttle inspected, brake sensor operation tested. 

No new parts will be fitted. 

Interim e-Bike service £45


Standard Interim service with additional e-Bike activities at no extra cost.

Includes BASIC e-Bike service and more complex adjustments to resolve any brake and gear faults, and where necessary includes the replacement of brake pads and brake / gear cables (externally routed) 

Includes inspection and adjustment of non-motorised hubs. 

Drive-train (chain, chain-rings, cassette and gear mechs) inspected and disk brake calipers re-aligned with rotors. 

Specific to e-Bikes : the motor/drive-unit cover removed as required to inspect the chain-ring and allow close inspection of drive unit, wiring and connections.

Please note, certain older Pedelec rear hub driven e-Bikes require more complex activities to disconnect the hub motor from the management unit in order to remove the rear wheel. Additional charges will apply (included in Full e-Bike service) 

Full e-Bike service £85


Includes Interim e-Bike service along with a full strip down, clean and inspection of non-motorised hubs, headset and bottom bracket (motorised hub e-bikes only); bearings cleaned and refitted or replaced as required. 

Service of mechanical & hydraulic brakes, bleeding or replacement of hydraulic brake fluid as required, brake calipers cleaned and re-aligned with rotors and brake pads replaced as required, with inspection of pistons to identify any leaks. 

Wheels rims and spokes inspected and wheels trued as required (please note it is not always possible to completely true damaged wheel) 

Puncture repair and tyres/inner tubes replaced as required (small surcharge for tubeless tyres) 

Specific to e-Bikes : the battery removed & tested and lights, brake sensors, on-board computer or control unit, walk-assist controller and power-assist modes will be checked. 

The Full e-Bike service also includes Shimano STEPS system diagnosis and software upgrade, including Di2 if applicable.

Shimano STEPS diagnostics & software updates £20


Shimano STEPS system diagnosis and software upgrades, including system configuration changes as requested. 

This is included in the Full e-bike service for Shimano STEPS e-Bikes. 

For e-bikes with Di2, the Di2 components will also be upgraded, however Di2 syncro settings and configuration is not included during the e-Bike service.

Bosch e-Bike diagnostics & software updates £20


Bosch equipped e-Bike system diagnosis and software upgrades, including system configuration changes as requested.