Hubs & free-hubs

Hub service (£15)


Hub stripped, degreased, loose or sealed bearings inspected, replaced if required, re-greased, refitted and adjusted.

Free-hub service (£25)


Strip, degrease, inspect free-hub bearings, pawls (or star ratchets) and springs, replacing any required.

Includes installation of a new free-hub if existing one proves to be un-serviceable.​

The wheel hub will be inspected at the same time but sealed wheel hub bearings will not be serviced or replaced. 

Loose bearings will be replaced as required and as such this is equivalent to a hub and free-hub service.

Hub & free-hub service (£30)


Combined hub and free-hub service, for hubs with sealed bearings. Inspection and, if required, replacement of hub and free-hub bearings. Full service of pawls and springs. 

Free-hub replacement (from £10)


Replacement of complete free-hub​ or XD Driver.