Brake service - all mechanical brakes £10 (each)


Cables and levers adjusted, brake pads aligned with wheel rim or, in the case of mechanical disc brakes, the brake calipers will be aligned with the rotor.

If needed replacement of brake pads/blocks and inner brake cable is included.

If it becomes necessary to replace outer cables a small additional charge applies (see 'Brake cable & hose replacement')

​Brake service - Hydraulic disc brakes £15 (each)


 Insect pistons, pads, rotors and levers, bleed hydraulic system, align calipers with the rotor. If needed brake pads will be replaced. 

Replacement of hoses, calipers and rotors not included. 

​Brake replacement of mechanical or hydraulic disk brake system (Lever,caliper,cable/hose) £20(each)


Replacement of the complete sealed brake system. 

Includes shortening of hoses if needed (excl. any connectors, olives)

(incl, in ultimate service)

Unsealed systems will require system bleeding and attract a further £5 charge.

Internally routed cables attract a further £7.50 charge and internally routed hoses a further £10.
For drop handled bikes it will be necessary to remove and re-fit/replace bar tape, for which additional charges will apply.

Brake cable housing & hose replacement, from £2.50 (each)



Replace externally routed outer cable housing £2.50 each. 

(incl. in service packages except Basic)

Replace internally routed outer cable housing from £7.50 each.

Replace externally routed hose from £7.50 each.

Replace internally  routed hose from £10 each 

(Some e-bikes with frame mounted drive units may incur additional charges for internal hose/housing replacement)

Applicable only during brake service.