Bike & trike building

Bike building about to start

Bikes 'n' trikes including electric versions

If you buy a new bike or trike from the internet it'll almost certainly come partially assembled in a box.

If you'd like it professionally built then look no further than Route 6 Cycle Services.

Approved assembly technician  for Jorvik Tricycles of York.

A few things to consider....

Euro-spec bike brakes - the wrong way around?

Euro-spec bikes often come with the brakes on the wrong side for the UK. My builds include swapping these over, bleeding hydraulic brakes if needed.

Wheel truing, frayed cables, punctures, chain linkages

Includes truing the wheels  as, believe it or not, they're not always straight on new bikes.

If any cables become frayed in transit or during unpacking, I will replace them free of charge.

Tyres will be inflated and if they have punctures I will repair them free of charge. 

Trikes WILL arrive without the chain attached, if you build it yourself, you will need a chain-breaker.

(free frayed cable replacement and puncture repairs only applicable when I receive the boxed bike)

PDI inspection - safety check

Some people who build their own still pay to have reassurance at a bike shop to check the build safety and set-up the brakes and gears. When I build your bike or trike, I follow the industry approved Cytech PDI procedures to ensure it's safe and ready to ride.

Collection and delivery - yes

I can collect the boxes from you, build your bike or trike, and bring it back to you. Just ask for details.