Gear service - derailleur type, front OR rear (£12.50)


Inspect and adjust gear shifter, cables, gear mech including jockey wheels (rear only)
Replacement of internal gear cable included, if required.

If it becomes necessary to replace the outer cable housing a small additional charge applies  (see 'Gear cable replacement')

Gear service - derailleur type front AND rear (£22.50)


Inspect and adjust gear shifters, all cables, front and rear gear mech including jockey wheels. Hanger and cage inspected. 

Replacement of internal gear cables included, if required

If it becomes necessary to replace outer  cable housings a small additional charge applies (see 'Gear cable replacement')

Front or rear gear mech replacement (£20) Replace both for mechs (£30)


Replace existing front and/or rear mech, adjust H/L limiters. Gear hanger alignment will be checked and straightened if required.

Includes installation of new externally routed inner & outer cable (if required) and set-up gears.

Internally routed cable replacement will attract a small additional charge (see 'Gear cable replacement') 

Internally geared hub set-up (£15)


Adjustment to gear cable/toggle chain.

Excludes installation any new cables, toggle chains, indicator rods.

This is not a hub service, the wheel will not be removed from the bike during this work. For full servicing of internally geared hubs, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Gear cable housing replacement (from £2.50) each


Replace front or rear externally routed cable housing £2.50 each 

(incl. in all service packages, except Basic)

Replace front or rear internally routed cable housing from £7.50 each.

 (Some e-bikes with frame mounted drive units may incur additional charges for internal housing replacement) 

Electronic gear systems : Di2, eTap, K-Force WE (from £12.50)


Please make contact to discuss your requirements. I can provide a complete range of support for electronic gears from diagnostics, configuration/indexing, firmware upgrades, upgrades or complete system replacement/installation.