Terms & Conditions


2019 Promotion reference WM1

General terms and condition also apply.

£5 discount from the cost of Basic, Interim, Full or Ultimate service only, includes e-Bike services.

Applies to each bike / e-Bike booked in for a service at the same time but is limited to one discounted booking per customer. 

Only the original full sized printed advert will be accepted. No copies accepted. Quoting reference WM1 without the original printed advert is not acceptable.

Offer valid until 30 October 2019, bikes received for servicing after this date will not be eligible for discount unless the booking was confirmed prior to this date.

At our discretion, this offer may be extended and in such an event details will be posted here.

This offer has no monetary equivalent value. 

£25 minimum labour charge applies for free collection & return, therefore free collection and return will not be available for the Basic Service(£25) when used in conjunction with this offer. For the avoidance of doubt, this offer is valid for the Basic Service if you deliver and collect your bike.


The term bike refers also to e-bikes, trikes, e-trikes, state boards, unicycles and wheels.

I also service tandems, however on some occasions the cost of service will increase due to the duplication of certain components such as bottom brackets, cranks, chains etc.

£25 minimum labour charge applies to free of charge collection & return.

A nominal charge for collection and return may be applied in the event the location exceeds 10 miles (by road)

No payment is required, nor will it be accepted if offered,  until the job is completed; in exceptional circumstances where the cost of required parts exceeds £200 I may request part payment in advance. Full payment is required at or before the hand-over of your bike (cash, bank transfer and all major cards accepted. I don't accept payment by Paypal)
Customer's can supply their own parts and these will be fitted at the same labour cost as any parts I supply.

In the event customer supplied parts are found to be incorrect or faulty, the customer will be charged for the time taken to fit & remove in the event the fault or mistake is not identified before fitting commences.

I do not offer a bike washing service (except as part of an Ultimate service). In the event I need to wash a bike in order to complete the work, a £8 fee will be charged. Your bike will only be washed sufficiently to allow completion of the work.

I will not undertake reconfiguration of e-bikes to allow them to exceed the legal speed limit of 15.5 mph. 

Any published opening hours are intended as a guide only, it is advisable to contact me before arriving at the workshop unless prior arrangements have been made.

Customer's can test ride bikes before payment is made.

Faults or issues with any aspect of the completed work should be reported within 30 days of the return of your bike, after this time I reserve the right to consider the work to be a new unrelated job and charge accordingly.  Furthermore, if during the 30 day period I have reasonable cause to consider the fault or issue to be as a result of failure of customer supplied parts, ill-treatment, crashing, poor maintenance, failure of components not related to the previous job, the customer's attempts to make adjustments themselves or by engagement of a 3rd party, I reserve the right to consider the work to be a new unrelated job and charge accordingly.  

Flat tyres or slow punctures after having received a puncture repair, replacement inner tube and/or tyre, tubeless conversion or tubeless tyre replacement are not  covered under any warranty, unless there is evidence that the puncture repair patch or any supplied parts have failed and caused the flat tyre or slow puncture. This is because punctures can occur at anytime and no tyre, inner tube or tubeless conversion is puncture proof.

ShockWiz hire

£150 refundable deposit required for each ShockWiz unit. 

£30 refundable deposit required for Shock Pump.

Deposit refunded in full subject to return of undamaged and working units/pump by the agreed return date. Deductions up to no more than the current RRP of the units/pump may be   made in the event the units are damaged on return. Late return charges apply,  see below. 

Deposits will be refunded using the same payment method originally used (Cash, Card, Transfer) 

Hire agreement must be approved and signed by the hirer. 

Photo proof of ID required, this must include full name and postal address, name must match that on any card used for payment or deposit. Passport, Full UK/EU photo driving licence, Validate UK ID card are acceptable. 

Person hiring must be at least 18 years old, proof of age may be requested should they appear to be under 25   (please don’t be offended) 

Collection & return   in person only, the units will not be posted, postal returns will not be accepted.

Hire period starts 12:00 on the  day of collection if collected before 12:00, 16:00 if collected between 12:00   and 16:00, 09:00 the following day if collected after 16:00. Includes   weekends and bank holidays. Minimum hire period is 1 day.

Late returns will be  charged at £20 per day, or part thereof, per Shockwiz unit. £5 per day or part  thereof, for the pump. This will be deducted from the deposit prior to refund. A return is   considered to be late in the event it exceeds a multiple of 24 hours after   the hire period starts with the multiple being the hire period in days. (e.g.   3-day hire collected at 09:00 on Friday. The hire period starts at 12:00 on   Friday. The hire period ends 72 hours (3 x 24hrs) later at 12:00 on Monday) The hire period’s start and end date/time will be stated on the hire   agreement. 

Early returns are accepted. The   total cost will be calculated using the published prices based on the number   of days, or part thereof, from the hire period start date/time to the   date/time the return is completed. An item is only considered returned when   it has been physically handed to Route 6 Cycle Services. For the avoidance of   doubt, part days will be considered full days for the purposes of calculating   the revised costs. Any hire refund will be paid at the same time as the deposit is refunded.