FREE Basic Service & cycle safety check for keyworkers




Starts Monday 23rd March 2020.

Until the volume of requests is understood, this is limited to NHS staff, Social Care workers, Police & EMAS. 

Hopefully this can be extended to the complete list of keyworkers in due course. 

Additionally, this is limited to those keyworkers who commute by bike or intend to commute by bike in order to reduce dependency on car or public transport. I respectfully request that you do not deny genuine keyworker commuter cyclists this service by booking if this does not apply to you. 

Please bring ID to verify your eligibility.




Details of the basic service can be found below and are limited to one bike per keyworker.


Please consider the condition of your bike along with the scope of the free Basic service being offered, it is not intended to be a repair service for bikes that are in poor condition or require extensive work. It is a safety check with minor adjustments to gears and brakes as required. Replacement parts cannot be fitted during this service.

Booking is essential to ensure I can reserve workshop capacity within what is already a busy schedule. At the time of booking, you must confirm your intention to take-up this offer, along with details of your eligibility

I will attempt to complete these services within 24 hours but may be able to provide a while-you-wait service in some circumstances. Please note that if I can provide you the while-you-wait service, you will have to wait off-site in order to comply with social-distancing precautions and insurance conditions. Given these circumstances should you wish to cancel your booking due to inclement weather please notify me as soon as possible.

If you are likely to be late for your scheduled booking, please notify me to ensure I can minimise the chances of multiple customers being present at the same time.

To book please make contact by Facebook, via email at or by calling Rich on 07969 009657 




 I have implemented additional precautions during the cycle hand-over process, full details of which can be found at the following links.



  Finally, I would like to convey my gratitude to all those people, working at the front line and in sectors critical to the national effort, for their selfless dedication and tireless hard work in such difficult circumstances.